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5 Thoughtful Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? What about Pal-entine's Day? Or Self-love Day?

February 14th is a great excuse to show some love – to yourself and to others. But do you have to break the bank doing it? We say no.

Here are 5 creative and thoughtful gift ideas that cost next to nothing!

Read on for 5 cheap but thoughtful Valentines Day gift ideas.

Free Label Cheap and Thoughtful Vday Gift Ideas

1. Get Artistic

Oftentimes, the best gifts are experiences not things. Show some love by setting up a romantic and fun painting studio in your home. Set up painting stations (perhaps borrow a couple easels) with canvas, brushes and paint. Extra points for including a bottle of wine. It’s a great way to spend time together at home that’s not watching Netflix in your sweatpants.

Free Label Blog Free Valentines Day Gift IDeas

2. Coupon Book

Massages and spa days are pricey. Instead, create your own coupon book of IOU’s. It’s pretty fun thinking up meaningful coupons that your loved ones can use towards things they appreciate: one home-cooked meal of choice, one 30 minute massage, one breakfast in bed. You’d be surprised how much joy this gift gives. And it doesn’t cost a thing.

Free Label Blog Free and Easy Valentines Day Gifts

3. Home Spa

Everyone needs a little TLC. This is a great present to a loved one, or yourself! Run a bubble bath, set up some candles, play a record, and prepare a stack of magazines to catch up on. Enjoy a self mani-pedi afterwards and a home-made face scrub. In a busy world, sometimes we need an excuse like February 14th to take a couple hours of the day for some treat-yo-self time.

Free Label Blog Thoughtful Free Gift Ideas

4. Positivity Piggy Bank

Another free but fabulous gift idea? A positivity piggy bank. Write down a bunch of pick-me-up love notes to your loved one (or to yourself) to be opened and read one at a time. It can be something as simple as “I love the way your nose wrinkles when you laugh” or “you have a great ass and an even better personality.” Write 20, 50 or more and place them inside a container (or piggy bank!) with directions to open on a day you’re feeling down. The recipient is bound to get a smile (or 50) out of this thoughtful gift.

Free Label Blog Thoughtful Free Gift Ideas

5. Bake

When in doubt, bake a cake. This tip is actually relevant for most special occasions. If you are ever in doubt, open up Pinterest, preheat your oven, and bake your significant others’ favorite dessert. Even if you bake horribly and it comes out a mess, the thought really does count on this one. Trust us 😉

The moral of this story is: whether or not you celebrate Valentine’s Day, it’s a great excuse to bake a cake and eat it in the bathtub! Enjoy!





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