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My name is Burch Smith. I am Guyanese, and born and raised in Brampton, Ontario – 20 minutes away from Toronto.
From around 10 years old, I was introduced to basketball from my parents, and immediately fell in love with the game, and developed a strong passion, and loyalty for the Toronto Raptors. Throughout the years, this loyalty for the Raptors manifested itself into something much bigger – an intense pride for Toronto, and a longing on how to elevate the city to even greater heights. I’m inspired by our musical artists and culture, to the Raptors recent championship run, and to the overall non-complacent, winning energy found here.
In a way, Toronto has given me a purpose, and helped me believe I can control my future. I am very much appreciative for this, and my gratitude has led me to creating Cyanic Clothing. Although this brand expresses pride for Toronto, its mission is far deeper, and is ultimately about giving back and the power of community. 

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