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Fall 2019 Collection

Oh Fall... most people love it. Others, like me, feel an impending Winter doom with every passing day. I ADORE summer. I love the long days, feeling the hot sun on my face, I don't even mind "swass" (if you know, you know).

The one silver lining to Fall (other than the rise of daily afternoon teas, Oscar movie season and what I'd like to call the start of ~Pasta Season~) is cozy fashion. This Fall, I'm introducing past favorites in yummy new colours, and welcoming several cozy and cute styles to the line up.

Read on for details and inspiration on the Fall 2019 collection.

Free Label Blog Fall 2019 inspiration


I'm constantly inspired by two things: me... and you. I fit all garments on my own not-so-modelesque body because, ultimately, I cannot design something that I don't also love. How could I pay close attention to details that I myself am not invested in? Growing up with limited options for my very pear shaped body, a big part of starting Free Label was to provide options for me and people like me. It may sound self centered, but I would by lying if I didn't say that I make clothing for myself.

My collections are also inspired by YOU. Your feedback propels the styles, colours and fits forward. When I get emails asking for a boxier silhouette, I am reminded that there is a need for that, and it inspires me to wonder what kind of boxy piece I am also yearning for. I am also inspired by the photos you share in email and on Instagram! What better way to be inspired than by the community that supports you. It feels like a true collaboration, and that's pretty cool.

Designing the Fall 2019 collection was no different. I found a gap in my own wardrobe, and in your wardrobes too, for office appropriate, but insanely comfortable pieces. Fabrics that stand the test of time and fits that are versatile for multiple stages of life (pregnancy, weight gain and loss, etc). Plus, styles that make you feel like a million bucks (or maybe 8 million bucks after inflation) every time you slip them on. Gone are the days you have to change out of your work clothes into your home comfies - they are now one in the same!!

Free Label Blog Fall 2019 colours

New Colours

I started Free Label with only Black and White. Eventually I added in Grey (risk taker, I know!). Over the years I've slowly added little pockets of deliciously rich colour, and Fall 2019 is no exception. Welcome to the crew: Olive, Berry and Golden. These three colours pair so well together for an inspired 70's colour palette, or with neutrals for a hint of colour during the darker months. It took several lab dips to get each colour juuust right. I wanted something rich but not too jewel toned. Something unique and special, but not difficult to integrate into your existing wardrobe. We all make colour mistakes when it comes to shopping; we may love a colour but find it doesn't go with anything, only to be banished to the back of the closet. I wanted to make sure that would not be the case with this palette. I hope you love it!

Free Label Blog Fall 2019 styles

New Styles

There are several Free Label styles that I bring back each season because they are classic in style and oh so comfy: the Andie Bra, Sunday Pant, Jaimee Tee, etc. But each season I invest in a few new silhouettes that I think you will adore. For Fall 2019 I focused on versatile new shapes that work through many different phases of your life. Whether it be pregnancy, breast feeding, thanksgiving food babies, or a weight loss journey - these pieces will ebb and flow with your dynamic life. Wrap details, reversible pieces, elastic waistbands, and flowy silhouettes. These are the ingredients for a versatile and long-lasting wardrobe.

Some of the most popular new styles so far include the Frannie Wrap. This top can be worn a multitude of ways and for different occasions. The Loretta Pant is another favorite - whose pockets, comfy elastic waistband and gorgeous drapped wide leg make it the perfect pant for the office, lazying around the house, even holiday parties! And lastly, my personal favorite is the Bryant Jumpsuit. This jumpsuit's slim leg and unique wrap detail are made even better by the buttery soft and easy-to-fit stretchy fabric. Our bamboo fabric is custom knit and dyed in Toronto before being cut and sewed in Vancouver, so we are able to keep a close eye on production from start to finish!

I am incredibly proud of this collection; it was over 8 months in the making! I hope you adore each piece as much as I do, because this season was certainly a labor of love.




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