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Keisha is a marketing expert by day who advocates for change whenever opportunity presents itself. As a black person, who grew up in what is defined by society as a marginalized
community, she was able to overcome the hardships that came with her childhood
and create a successful career.
In 2013, Keisha started Live. Learn. Educate. with the burning desire to give back to her
community, specifically focusing her time with youth and encouraging them to go after their
dreams. She leads with the vision that Live. Learn. Educate. can drive change. It is a
movement built on the idea that through our lived experiences, we can encourage learning
opportunities, when regularly practiced providing sustainable individual growth.
Since then, she has created an Algonquin College LLE Bursary directed to black students,
which was the first of its kind to exist at the school. She then went on to create a volunteering community program in which she coaches high school students in soft skills and marketing expertise.

As she best puts it,
We LIVE through experience.
We LEARN from experience.
We EDUCATE with experience.

Join her on her passion project to help communities grow by empowering our youth. 

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