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Owning a small business in the 2020's (yes I'm going to go ahead and write off the entire decade) is not easy. Every year brings a new challenge. Whether its factory partners closing, the cost of shipping quadrupling, or social media reach dwindling... it takes a very solid and grounding support system to stay positive and keep going.

Enter: the Free Label community. Without you, there's no way Free Label could keep going. It's true what they say: when we get an order, we absolutely do a happy dance. When you send a sweet DM, we share it around the office and it boosts our moods for the day.

Small business is cool because you can actually get to know the people behind the products and services you use. Your connection deeply impacts us as individuals and influences how we run the brand.

SO in the spirit of small business Saturday, we thought we'd share a bit more about ourselves so when you support a small business, you know exactly who is on the other end. 

Jess, Owner

"Clothing is meant to fit bodies. Bodies aren't meant to fit clothes. For years western beauty standards have taught us to shrink in order to fit into clothing; the majority of sizes range from XS-L, models are all size 0, and size charts are hard to come by. While most clothing brands aim to make aspirational clothing, Free Label sets out to make well-fitting, comfortable clothing for REAL people. Our hope is that you can go to our website or social media platforms and see someone that looks like you, wearing our clothes, and being celebrated. No change necessary."

Favourite thing about the FL community: 
I love that our community CARES. Which is pretty unique for a community living on social media. Not just about slow fashion, but this community cares about so many important things: living lighter, challenging societal norms, supporting BIPOC creators and entrepreneurs, dismantling racism, fat phobia, ableism. I love that this community is loud and passionate and respectful. It keeps me accountable and inspires me to do more.

Favourite FL piece: 
My fav pieces right now are definitely the Carrie Bra AND the Grant Pant. I cannot get enough of either. They are so comfy and make me feel so chic!


Tagnéa, Production Coordinator

"I believe that it is so important to have tough conversations about ethical clothing manufacturing but it's even more important to start these conversations and then lead by example. Ethical clothing to me encompasses a variety of aspects such as prioritizing sustainable fabrics, using ethical manufacturing and offering a size range for real bodies. When we hold companies accountable for transparency and slow fashion practices we are one step closer to changing the norm of the fashion industry."

Favourite thing about the FL community: 

I love that the FL community has cultivated such a safe space to be authentically yourself. They encourage the consumption of ethical, slow fashion that looks and feels amazing on a variety of celebrated bodies. 

Favourite FL piece: 
My favourite Free Label piece is my Black Becky Bra! It is the perfect cup size for my bust and I reach for it anytime I have to run out of the house.


Julia, Marketing Lead

"Growing up, we’re taught to find our self worth through the size on our clothing tags and compare ourselves to the very limited beauty ideals of thinness portrayed in mainstream media. The reality of it is that every body is uniquely and beautifully  different and size does not define us. It's a slow journey but I'm grateful to be part of a clothing brand that's challenging the status quo. I'm happy that this generation can grow up seeing more representation and scroll through social media and see a body that looks like theirs and understand that there is no "right" type of body."  


Favourite thing about the FL community: 
That it transcends the typical brand + consumer relationship and genuinely feels like a COMMUNITY! From my very first day on the Free Label Instagram and getting to chat with everyone through DMs and comments it's felt like chatting with my pals. Everyone is so welcoming, open-minded, and supportive and it's such a great feeling to connect with the FL community. I love it! 

Favourite FL piece: 
The Grant Pant!! I have genuinely worn them to go dancing (lol), on a plane, to brunch, to work, and honestly just anywhere and everywhere. They are my dream pant and I know I'll wear them for years to come. 

Dani, Warehouse Manager

"Representation in the slow fashion community is few-and-far between. I feel as someone who occupies a plus size body it is a constant fight with brands (regardless of slow or fast fashion) to be represented. I know that I have helped create more of a space within a few brands with my modelling career; but I don't believe that it's enough. I get endless messages from people of the plus size community that representation really matters and seeing other bodies that look like theirs is so very important. I believe that size inclusivity and representation on any level is achievable and although I do see more and more brands working towards it I think that we can all do a better job at ensuring that body representation and diverse representation should be focused on more. As someone who has worked within the fashion industry for an upwards of 7+ years and the manufacturing side of things for 4+ years I do understand that things take time and don't happen overnight but excuses from brands that only go from a XXS-XL are a constant recurrence. Ensuring that proper fit (grading) is at the highest standard can definitely take its time but brands that choose to constantly choose to ignore that there are larger bodies out there make myself and other people that occupy these bodies feel frustrated, disappointed, and not seen. It is like they believe we do not deserve to have great fitting slow fashion clothing in our lives. Which only brings these people to purchase from fast fashion brands who cater to their size which is an endless cycle. I'd like to thank slow fashion brands like Free Label, Nettle's Tale, Alder Apparel and I'm sure a few more that make our bodies feel seen. I'd only hope that I get to see more in the future."

Favourite thing about the FL community: 
My fav thing about the FL community is that they are just SO welcoming. Ever since I started with FL everyone has always been so kind and I've never seen a brand community like this before. They are our biggest cheerleaders and show up whenever we need a little extra love. The FL community's kindness is unmatched and I'm just very grateful for them! 
Favourite FL piece: 
My ABSOLUTE fav Free Label piece is the Dani bra! Right now I'm grabbing it in Umber but also there are a few Terra Dani's left in stock (which is my fav FL colour EVER!!) It is literally my namesake and I can't go a day without wearing one. It has the absolute BEST support for bigger busts, is compressive without being too restricting & just so very comfy. #teamnounderwire


Jess A, Customer Care

"Slow fashion goes beyond what I'm purchasing but it's also about the discipline of choosing not to buy things I don't actually need. Not that it isn't nice to own cute, clothes and accessories, but at what point do I draw the line of using credit cards and "try before you buy" services to purchase things I don't actually have the money for right now? What I've become more aware of is that this can be a slippery slope. It begins with clothing and accessories, and turns into nails, hair appointments, new make-up, new cars, new homes, home decor and on and on! How can I be free from excessive consumerism if I don't draw the line on buying things and services I don't actually have the money for right now? The key to this is to create a life discipline of choosing not to buy things you don't actually need, with money you don't actually have right now."

Favourite thing about the FL community: 

I love that Free Label's community is a safe place to be free in my body. I've never felt less judged, or more seen then I am in this beautiful community of accepting and kind people. I get to be myself, freely :)

Favourite FL piece: 

Anything Umber!! Grant Pant or Isabel Wrap are my top two!


Stephanie, Fulfillment

"I believe that proper representation is so important to our future in fashion.  Growing up as a woman of colour has taught me how to be adaptable and versatile to fit in, but also has taught me the importance of grit and fighting for what I believe in.  I believe all aspects of these traits are important, and if we can continue--as a community at large--to improve representation in fashion, more people can see and feel that they truly belong exactly wherethey are and as who they are.  In turn, we can all genuinely show up for each other in the most authentic way possible."

Favourite thing about the FL community: 
One of the first things I noticed when I started at Free Label was how the community here is so absolutely dedicated to slow fashion and supportive of the Free Label brand.  It's such a treat to be surrounded by a group that is so engaged and passionate with what we do because it really does help fuel us!

Favourite FL piece: 
I love the Isabel wrap top!  I think it's such a great piece because it is so versatile and can be dressed up if you're feeling sophisticated or dressed down for that, down to earth vibe.


Firina, Community & Events

Favourite thing about the FL community: 

The FL community is super support and encouraging! I don’t think I’ve seen a community that cares so much about a company. 

Favourite FL piece: 

The stretch Taylor Pant and Andie Bra!!

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