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Packaging and Sustainability

From fabric to production, Free Label is a sustainable clothing company rooted in making eco-focused and ethical choices. I spend the better part of designing our seasonal collections seeking out new and great sustainable textiles. I research and source seasonal organic textiles produced according to the Oeko-Tex standard 100 certification. Most Free Label core fabrics are custom knit in Canada with organic fibers and dyed with eco-friendly dyes. Even our labels are made locally!

Joy Kinna Collaboration Hang Tag

Free Label Joy Kinna Collaboration Hang Tag

Free Label’s relationship with the Earth doesn’t end with our actual garments; our packaging and marketing materials are chosen with sustainability in mind too. I am particularly proud of the hangtag attached to each garment. Not only are they made from 100% recycled paper, they feature an original commissioned work of art from local BC artist, Joy Kinna. Trim around the artwork and decorate your desk with it, or simply recycle the tag so the paper can gain another life.

Each Free Label garment is folded and wrapped in a little bag to protect the fabric. This year I took a big step and outsourced our shipping to a local fulfillment center, so it’s important to keep all these garments safe from damage. I know what you’re thinking: “plastic bags are not environmentally friendly.” But these are not ordinary plastic bags. These bags are made from 100% recycled and recyclable poly. No new plastic here! What I love most about the brand we partner with for these protective bags, is they manufacture all their products in North America, thus reducing transit pollution and ensuring fair working conditions.

The shipping mailers we use to send your online orders are also made from 100% recycled and recyclable poly, and manufactured in North America. They are also reusable! After you tear open the bag (along the dotted line), you can pay it forward and reuse the bag to send another parcel. It’s a good excuse to send an unsolicited present to your long distance bestie 😉

Eco-Enclose Recycled Packaging

Free Label Blog Recycled Plastic Packaging

While I am immensely proud of the Earth friendly practices Free Label adheres to, there is always room to improve. Moving forward I would like to switch to a bio-based and compostable material for our wrapping and shipping if I can find a supplier that ensures ethical working conditions in their factory. As sustainable technologies improve and I research and learn more, Free Label will evolve too.

Are there any sustainable improvements you’d like to see from Free Label? I’d love to hear from you! Email or comment below 😊




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    Proud of you! This is awesome, J&J.

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