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Seasonal Closet Journal

The season's are starting to shift and I find myself wondering how my closet will evolve as well. As the temperature drops, my closet seems to feel less and less relevant. The flowy skirts and tank tops I flocked to in the heat no longer have a place in my day to day wear. As such, the items I don’t reach for become barricades of clutter prohibiting me from clearly seeing my wardrobe and making swift choices as I get dressed.

If you're like me you're frantically searching for new pieces to make your closet feel "new" for the upcoming season. While it's nice to purchase a few new pieces to refresh your wardrobe, the feeling of a new season can throw us into an unnecessary frenzy of buying. Sometimes, simply organizing your wardrobe to suit the changing weather can make a big difference. Instead of looking at your favorite summer clothes and feeling like you have nothing to wear for autumn, prepare your closet so that you only see what you will wear.

Twice a year - Spring and Fall – I get out a couple massive Tupperwear tubs and fill them with out of season wear. These tubs then go into storage for the remainder of the season. This way I can focus on a seasonal capsule-ish wardrobe without the stress of wanting new clothing or the guilt of wading through items I don't wear.


Download our Seasonal Closet Journal here. Print it, fill it out, and plan your seasonal wardrobe with ease.

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