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Spring Cleaning Tips

The birds are chirping, cherry blossoms are blooming. Yes, spring is finally here. The first thing I want to do when March hits is tidy up and get organized for the new season! Cleaning up your closet and storage is a great feeling, but it can be overwhelming when you’ve spent all winter hording mittens and toques throughout the home. So today I am sharing my 5 musts when spring cleaning. And the best part? Spring cleaning can also help prepare for an easy transition the NEXT fall!

Here are my 5 spring cleaning tips:

Free Label Blog Spring Cleaning

1. Coats

I love outwear. It’s my silver lining during an otherwise cold and dark season. That being said, I love my coats a little too hard sometimes. By the end of the winter my peacoats start to smell a little… unsavory. Especially under the arms. My trusty parka is also speckled with coffee stains (I swear coffee has a magnetic attraction to nice clothes). A big part of my spring cleaning is taking my trusty winter coats to the dry cleaner before tucking them away for 6 months. This is a great way to keep your investment pieces in great condition for longer. If you don’t clean your coats before summer, they sit in their stains and stink for months on end, making it harder to keep them fresh the next season. Annual dry cleaning is worth the little investment!

2. Boots

In the same vein, boots accrue a lot of dirt, salt and … spilled coffee… over the winter. Take an afternoon to pull your boots and clean them really well. Depending on the material, I usually like to wipe them down really well with water first. Then I get a cleaner that is meant for the fabric (for me, usually leather cleaner) and do another scrub in gentle circles with a brush. Lastly, give them a spray with water repellent spray. Your boots will look good as new, and when you have to dig them out in October, you’ll be thrilled with how fresh they look. Who needs to buy new shoes each season when you keep yours in such great condition?.

Free Label Blog Spring Cleaning

3. Storage Bins

One of my best hacks is to invest in good, big, clear, air tight storage bins. Every season (Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter) I change out 50% of my closet. During spring cleaning, I wash all my sweaters, fold them, and store them in big storage containers in the garage. I store my coats, boots, and winter accessories this way too. By storing your seasonal wardrobe in storage bins, you can focus on a clean and tidy closet. It makes getting dressed in the morning that much easier when you don’t have to sift through racks of cold weather clothes when its hot outside. I made a seasonal closet journal to help you organize efficiently – you can download it for free here.

4. Take Inventory

There’s something about the change in weather that makes me want to shop, shop, shop. Instead of mindlessly adding to cart, take inventory of your existing seasonal closet. Actually try things on – our bodies and style can change in 6 months and that’s ok! Maybe you no longer feel comfortable wearing shorts that short. Perhaps that dress is a little too tight now. What needs to go? Donate it, don’t hold onto it hoping that one day you will want to wear it again or will lose those 10 pounds. I find that holding onto items that I can’t wear makes me feel bad and makes getting dressed a lot harder. Once your seasonal spring closet is finalized, steam or iron the items that have been in storage, and then hang and fold your wardrobe like you really love it.

Free Label Blog Spring Cleaning

5. Mindful Purchases

Once you have a good sense of what you have for the season, make a list of the gaps in your wardrobe. Maybe your sandals need replacing or you wish you had another pair of wide leg pants. Keep the list on hand (on your phone?) and reference it when you get that urge to shop. This kind of mindfulness is a great way to avoid buying things that you rarely wear and to stay within budget. Don’t need anything new? Awesome! You can put all that extra energy toward a creative project like gardening, learning to sew, or knitting. Enjoy!

Have you started spring cleaning yet? Any tips we missed? Tell us in the comments!




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