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Renae Thomas-James immigrated to Alberta, Canada from Jamaica in May of 2013. Shortly after her move to Canada, she noticed her hair and skin had a negative reaction to the Canadian cold, dry climate. Her hair was dry, breaking and refused to grow. Her skin was scaly, itchy dry and became lifeless. After trying various products on the market, none of which worked for her, she decided to go back to her Jamaican roots. Back to when her grand and great grandparents used the vegetation around them to make their own haircare and skincare products as well as natural medicine. With this aged knowledge gained from family practices, she developed her own hair and skincare products. To her surprise, within a short time, she saw a huge difference in the growth of her hair as well as the health and glow on her skin. Soon after friends and family started requesting to purchase her products and this is when she decided to turn her craft into a business.


Fast forward to today, Renae now makes natural hair care and skin care products through her brand Take Me Away Essentials. Take Me Away Essentials firmly believes in spotless personal care and that your beauty regime should be a devoted practice. Our products are made in small batches using the purest, most effective plant-based materials to ensure we produce the heist quality and most effective product for our customers. Our Natural Ingredients are carefully selected to provide products that will deeply and effectively nourish your hair and skin (body included). We aim to provide our customers with products of the highest quality that will surpass your expectations while meeting your needs.

Take Me Away Essentials products are suitable for all races and genders. Your Hair and skin will thank you. 

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