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Why Choose Ethical?

If you are thinking of converting to a conscious closet, here are a few reasons why you should:


Fast Fashion is a large polluter

The fast fashion industry has developed in such a way that the environmental effects are now clear. When you consider the supply chain (agriculture, manufacturing, processing, and transportation) leading from field to fitting room, it is no surprise that the industry as a whole is one of the world largest greenhouse gas emitter. We aim to reduce our impact by producing locally with sustainable fibers, shipping our product efficiently with minimal (and eco-forward) packaging.


Someone is paying for fast fashion

The single biggest reason people give for avoiding ethical fashion is the price tag. It's easy to pick up a t-shirt  for $5; It almost feels guilt free. However, the cost you're saving is borne by someone else; the low-wage workers that are constructing those garments. By producing locally in Canada, we assure that our clothing is constructed under the laws and regulations of Canada, put in place to protect workers’ rights.


Buy less but better

Americans generate 28 billion pounds of textile waste every year. This number is increasing, largely because fashion is viewed increasingly as a disposable good. Much has been made about the second hand clothing industry, but in reality only about 15% of textile waste is donated or recycled, the rest ends up in landfills.  The best solution? Buy less, but better. We engineer our clothes to last and not break down with repeated washes. We also aim to produce timeless basics that can be worn in many ways and for many years. Invest in a well-worn wardrobe, and you will find that fewer and fewer items end up in the trash.