Free Label Swim: Fit Guide

There's something about swimwear that feels incredibly vulnerable. In fact, I believe it's a powerful act of self-love to put on a bathing suit and say "I feel great in this." 

My goal with Free Label Swim is for you to put on these pieces and feel good inside and out, and more than anything, for these suits to make you feel like *you.* These pieces are meant to be a second skin.


Swimwear is different from our everyday pieces. The fabric and fit are a lot more technical and with that comes unique considerations. When it comes to compression, it's normal for your swim pieces to feel extra snug on the first try and in fact, that's a good thing! If you can slip more than a finger between your suit and body, it may be too loose.
Our swim has been designed to not just look pretty in, but also to be moved in. It's meant to be worn time and time again, get wet, rinse, and repeat. We wanted to make sure that these swimsuits feel secure and don't slip off your body while swimming after seasons of wear. Expect a break-in period of 3-7 wears in water before the swim pieces fully relax and mould to your body like a second skin.



1. Wear it around the house! Put in on when you have an afternoon of chores and lounging. Do a couple of squats or stretches and this can help speed up the break-in process.

2. Gently tug on the arm and leg holes to stretch the elastic. Hear some snapping? Don't panic, you want to hear that! Our sewers use what's called a stay stitch to help keep the structure of the pieces while sewing and popping this loosens up the fit and doesn't effect the quality of your piece. 

3. Take a shower in it. This might sound silly but instead of waiting for a beach day to pop up, you can take matter into your own hand. Getting it wet helps to mold the pieces to your body to achieve your perfect fit! 

4. If you really want to fast-track the break in process, this isn't something I typically recommend but you could put it in the dryer just once. This breaks down the elastane, which will permanently weaken the stretch so the fit is less tight and compressive 

If you have any questions, reach out Customer Care Jess and she's happy to help!  ◡̈


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Free Label Swim

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