Free Label: Visual Size Guide

One of our main goals is for everyone in the community to feel represented; we want folks to see themselves, their style, their bodies in the garments we put into the world. Shopping online can be so challenging when you can’t see someone that looks kinda like you modelling the clothes. And so from the 2022 Every Person Campaign, we created a visual size guide! A couple of our core styles are showcased in every size we carry (5X-XS) and we hope this makes your online shopping experience a bit easier!
KIM: 52" Bust / 55" Waist / 62.5" Hips / 5'6" Height/ Size 5X 
Slow Fashion Visual Size Guide 4X
STEFFANIE: 53" Bust / 49" Waist / 65" Hips / 5'5" Height/ Size 4X
Slow Fashion Visual Size Guide 3X
CHLOE: 52" Bust / 50" Waist / 57" Hips / 5'10" Height/ Size 3X
Slow Fashion Visual Size Guide 2X
PREM: 48" Bust / 42.5" Waist / 51" Hips / 5'4" Height/ Size 2X
Slow Fashion Visual Size Guide XL
JOELLE: 42.5" Bust / 38" Waist / 52.5" Hips / 5'6" Height/ Size XL
Slow Fashion Visual Size Guide Large
EKEME: 38" Bust / 29" Waist / 43.5" Hips / 5'9.5" Height/ Size L
Slow Fashion Visual Size Guide Medium
ADA: 37" Bust / 31" Waist / 38" Hips / 5'4" Height/ Size M
Slow Fashion Visual Size Guide Small
STEPHANIE: 34" Bust / 29" Waist / 41" Hips / 5'3" Height/ Size S
Slow Fashion Visual Size Guide XS
SEMEGN + ADDIS: 28" Bust / 22.5" Waist / 32.5" Hip / 5'1.5" Height/ Size XS
If you have any further fit questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us on Insta (@free.label) or email Customer Care Jess at


As a plus size senior, I am thrilled that you are representing all sizes on your site!! I work as a psychotherapist and see women who are sooo ashamed of their size. What you are doing is a HUGE step towards helping all women feel affirmed no matter what size. Thank-you for what you are doing. BRAVO.

Mara Lenon September 21, 2022

This is wonderful!! Great work FL team!

Lindsay Austin September 21, 2022

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