The 411 on Denim: How to care for it and how to find your perfect fit!

Introducing... Free Label Denim

At the end of last year, we sat down to brainstorm our goals for 2023. One of the *BIG* goals on our list, one of those it-seems-scary-to-approach-but-we-really-want-to-do-it-and-think-it's-important goals, was to attempt to solve a fashion problem that we've experienced our whole lives but is outside of our usual wheelhouse. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

We're talking... denim.

Size Inclusive Denim

This collection started with a list (years in the making) of all our denim woes. This list fuelled our design process and inspired us to create the denim pieces of our dreams. When I asked about your denim woes, it turned out that your woes were our woes, with fit and feel at the top of the list. 

We did a lot of fit testing to come up with a design that eliminates the gap at the back of the waist that so many of you experience, for a tailored fit while having ample room for your hips. Win-win!

As for feel, you want to feel comfortable in denim and so do we. This is why it was important to us to find quality denim with stretch. We wanted denim that wasn't meant for standing only. This is denim that you can sit in, walk in, stand in, and live life in. 

Truth be told, finding the denim that we had in our heads as the perfect fabric proved to be a challenge. Tags spent months looking for something that fit the bill - she even went to LA for the search! It took a while, but in the end, she did it! This denim slips over your hips with ease and buttons up just as easily. It's made with 98% cotton and juuuuust enough elastane to make it the comfiest denim you'll ever wear.

We hope you love these pieces as much as we do!  

P.S. One thing to keep in mind is that the consistency of indigo dye is hard to control so you may notice that not every single garment within the same wash is the exact same shade. This is just part of the beauty of the textile and means that every piece in this collection is uniquely yours.

Size Inclusive Denim


How to care for your Free Label Denim pieces:

Wear more, wash less is our motto with denim! The beauty of this fabric is that it's durable and I find I can get a lot of wears out of it before I put it through the wash. And when I do, here are the steps I recommend. 

1. Do the zipper and button up (we don't want them to snag on anything!)

2. Turn your garment inside out

3. Wash cold with dark colours

4. Hang to dry

Size Inclusive Denim

Free Label Denim Fit

Online shopping can be hard and some pieces feel harder than others, denim being one of them. This is why when designing this denim capsule, our top priority was to find a quality stretch denim fabric that allows flexibility in sizing and throughout weight fluctuations. Case in point, Jess has been wearing the same size L throughout pregnancy as her waist has gone from 32" to 38"!

While many people can toggle between two sizes, here are a few fit tips to help you choose your best size on the first try:

1. Prioritize your waist measurement - the waistband has fusing inside which gives it a bit more stability, but reduces stretch

2. Take a look at garment measurements on the product page - since these are stretch pieces, you’ll want your body measurements to be the same or slightly larger than the garment measurements (aka negative ease)

3. The Stevie Skirt has been designed to have more of a structured fit with thicker fusing in the waist so be mindful of looking at the difference between the Stevie Skirt and Pant measurements if you're interested in both - if you’re in between waist sizes for the Skirt you may want to consider sizing up

4. While the denim pieces are wovens, they do have added stretch so you can consider BOTH the woven and knit size charts depending on your ideal fit. These pieces are flexible!

5. Take a look at the try-ons we have saved in our denim highlight on Instagram to see if you can find a body twin!

6. Think about your intention for this new wardrobe addition: Do you expect to go through body changes soon? Do you want a slouchy comfy fit or a slim fit? This may help you decide whether to size up or down.

And as always, if you have any questions, you can send Customer Care Jess an email at for help!

Size Inclusive Denim

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