The 411 on Organic Cotton Gauze

When you get dressed in the morning, you’re slipping into fabric that’s going to be close to your skin all day – you want it to feel comfortable on your body and you want to feel good in it. You want it to be easy to care for and durable enough to wear without worry. We want all of that for you too, which is why when we introduce a new fabric to the Free Label line up, it’s not a decision we take lightly. 

We’ve been wanting to work with cotton gauze for a while but we wanted to make sure we took the time to find just the right one, testing how it fits, wears, washes, and feels. I’m glad we took the time to do so because I think we really nailed the perfect mix of comfort, style, and quality with this one. 

Introducing our brand new… ORGANIC COTTON GAUZE. A double-woven cotton weave that’s strong and durable for lots of wear, but also super soft and airy, with a subtle crinkled texture. ​​​​​​​​This fabric is perfect for pieces that feel ​romantic, but not precious. That are sweet and delicate-looking, but incredibly durable so you can wear these clothes for every occasion. ​​​​​​​​

Now I know I had a lot of questions about this fabric and I figured you might too! Without further ado, here is the 411.

How is your cotton grown?

Our fabric is crafted from cotton grown from non-GMO seeds, free from synthetic pesticides and artificial fertilizers. Organic cotton uses 1/10th as much water as non-organic cotton. Good for the earth and good for you. 

Is cotton gauze breathable?

Very! The ‘gauze’ part of cotton gauze refers to the type of weave used to create this fabric which is loose and wide so that a lot of air can pass through. Aka it’s very breathable and perfect for keeping you comfortable all day. 

Is cotton gauze soft?

It’s incredibly soft! The same breathable weave contributes to a pillowy soft fabric that feels lightweight on your skin.

Is cotton gauze see through?

Our Organic Cotton Gauze is double layered so that it offers a more opaque look. Plus the flowy fit of our styles ensures you won’t have to worry about undergarments showing though. 


Is cotton gauze stretchy?

While the fabric itself doesn’t have stretch due to its woven nature, each piece is designed to be adjustable to your body. Thoughtful design and features such as drawstrings and elastic accommodate body changes and weight fluctuations. 

How do you wash and dry cotton gauze ?

Wear more, wash less. To extend the life of your clothing, turn the pieces inside out, wash on cold with like colours, and hang to dry!

Does cotton gauze shrink?

Yes, but worry not! Expect a half-inch shrinkage during the first wash which has been factored into our size chart (linked here). Your pieces will settle on your body exactly as intended!

Can you iron cotton gauze ?

We don’t recommend ironing or steaming our organic cotton gauze to preserve the beautiful natural crinkle textures. Instead give it a good shake after washing and before drying. Smoothing it out with your hands works wonders as well! 

And there you have it! I am so incredibly excited for you to meet the 3 brand new styles pictured above (The Betsy Tank, The Tegan Skirt, and the Maeve Top) in this stunning new fabric. The Organic Cotton Gauze pre-order is now available for pre-order until Monday, March 4. Find the collection here!

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to leave us a comment. 

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