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 a community collective for BIPOC entrepreneurs to 

collaborate, engage and grow


As a member of the Empowerful Incubator, you have access to a $12200 funding pot in 2022. Half of the pot will be available for Q1, the other half for Q3.

To apply for a portion of the Q1 pot, please fill out the form below by January 21st 2022.

You will be notified by January 31st if you have received funding from the Q1 pot. If you don't receive funding this time, don't worry! The other half of the pot will be available for application in June :)




How much capital are you applying for?:

Tell us what project or purpose this money will go to:

How will funding this project or purpose help you grow your business?

Is this project or purpose time sensitive? If so, please tell us about your timeline:

Please email if you have any questions or need assistance with your application. You will be notified by email by January 31st if you have received funding.


Our exclusive Empowerful Facebook group allows BIPOC entrepreneurs to connect with one another, ask questions, share success and failures, and resources. Community connection is what makes a business successful.


We organize quarterly virtual events where experts in different fields will present on their topic of knowledge. As an entrepreneur, you must be a jack of all trades; mini mentorship sessions from experts in various fields will help you hone in on that necessary diverse skillset.


Each year there is a total of $10 000 CAD of funding available through the Empowerful Incubator. Twice a year we review pitches. Apply for a portion of the pot with a pitch on how it will be used to propel your small business forward. Funding will be divvied out to multiple business owners.