Behind the Scenes: From Sketch to Production

Come behind the scenes on how the Long-Sleeve Jules Dress and Denim Stevie Pant came to be! 

A major perk of small biz? We hear your requests! After the launch of the OG Jules Dress and then skirt, we had many requests for a long-sleeve version! As for denim, this one was on our goals list for a looooong time after realizing that we all share a lot of common denim woes.

We meet with our pattern maker to discuss grading and start designing so we can make our first samples. While industry grading rules typically cater to straight sizes, we’ve crafted our own set of rules. This unique approach empowers us to tailor patterns for a diverse range of bodies and allows us to split patterns into straight and plus sizes if needed.

For example, industry standards would have us increase the length of the Jules Dress sleeve with every size and instead, we add length to the armhole, which provides a roomier fit without an excessively long sleeve.

After receiving our initial samples, we dive into a thorough fit test, ensuring we cover a range of sizes to get feedback on fit and comfort and general thoughts on the piece. We then meet back up with our pattern maker to adjust and make new samples. This cycle continues until we have a garment that meets our standards and is exactly what we’ve been dreaming of.
For the Stevie Pant, we honed in on details like cinching the waist for a closer fit. Meanwhile, with the Long-Sleeve Jules Dress, we narrowed the scoop neck for versatile wear in the front or back and adjusted the sleeve length for that ideal touch.

This brings us to today! After many months (The Jules and Stevie took about 6 each), we can confidently share the pieces with you. You can learn more about these styles here.

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