Why Free Label produces in small batches.

Have you ever received an email from a large fashion company where they something along the lines of "700 new items weekly!"? 700...

Let that number sink in. That's a WILD number of new garment styles. Having choices is nice, but 700?? Per week?? You have to wonder, with such a frequency of new arrivals, how is it possible that they've done fit tests, quality checks, and made pieces with PURPOSE?

We have a Free Label philosophy on new products: if its going out in the world, it needs to have impeccable fit, fabric and quality (duh) and it needs to have a purpose. We never make something for the sake of making it. Each garment is a conscious choice and a lot of time, effort and investment goes into it's planning, perfecting and execution. Every new style we release goes through months of fit tests and several samples on multiple sizes to perfect the pattern and ensure that our customers have the best experience trying them on.

Most Free Label products are born out of necessity; we notice the gaps of quality in our own wardrobes and aim to provide solutions for them. For example, the Taylor Pant was designed because it's hard to find a utility pant fit for curvier bodies and during the testing phase, we made numerous patterning and grading adjustments to ensure that there wasn't gaping in the back, or camel toe in the front.

When we first launch a new piece, we also make sure not to overproduce it! This is so that your feedback can help us even further perfect the fit for future drops. While it can be frustrating to see pieces out of stock, it often means we are behind the scenes leafing through reviews and emails, scrutinizing over how we can improve the garment even more (sometimes that is simply improving our production predictions). We hope this product development times gives you a chance to budget and save up for something you've been waiting on!

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